EIR Accessibility Exception Request Form Instructions

Download an accessible PDF of these instructions.

The Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) Accessibility exception request form must be completed for EIR which are not in full compliance with state accessibility laws. This applies to any EIR used, created or materially changed by Texas A&M personnel.

Important: The form should be used by Texas A&M employees only; do not forward to manufacturers, developers or vendors for completion. For assistance with terminology, consult definitions within 1 TAC 213.1.

Helpful tips and information:

  • Please read the instructions thoroughly before completing the electronic form; knowing required information in advance will save time and possible data entry errors.
  • Please answer all questions completely; failure to do so will result in processing delays.
  • You will be able to save a draft to allow completion at a later time, however you must remember the password you establish or you will not be able to access the draft.
  • If you have trouble accessing the electronic form, email the IT Accessibility team.

What is EIR accessibility? Creating, providing and/or modifying EIR utilizing universal design practices so use is not dependent upon a single sense or ability. Every Texas state institution of higher education is required to provide equal access to EIR.

Purpose of Form

All hardware, software, applications, websites, and other EIR must comply with IT Accessibility Regulations including: 

If achieving compliance with these standards is not possible, an EIR Accessibility Exception Request must be submitted for non-compliant EIR and be approved by the President of Texas A&M University or designee. 

The Process

Once the electronic form is completed and submitted, these steps will occur:

  1. Review by the EIR Accessibility Coordinator who may verify or gather additional information.
  2. Review by your respective dean, vice president, or unit approver.
  3. Review by the President, or designee.

You will receive email notifications throughout the process, as will the person you designate as the EIR Owner/Administrator if you are filling out the form on someone else’s behalf.

IMPORTANT: If you have been working with the offices of Procurement Services or Contract Administration, it is your responsibility to notify Purchasing personnel of approval or rejection once the process is complete so procurement of the EIR may proceed.

Form Instructions

Most items are required fields.

Requester Information

  • Enter your Name, Phone and Email address.
  • Are you the EIR owner or administrator? Select Yes or No. (EIR owner or administrator – A person who determines controls for and oversees the development, acquisition, and/or use of digital resources supporting a particular business function.)
    • If Yes, continue to the next question.
    • If No, please indicate the EIR Owner/Administrator Name and Email in the subsequent form fields. (Doing so ensures that this individual receives all pertinent automated communications including request status and eventual exception expiration notification.)
  • Request Date: The current date will be auto-populated.
  • College/Division/Administrative Unit: Using the drop-down menu, choose the name of your college, division or administrative unit. (Please read and select carefully, as this will determine routing to your respective dean, vice president, or unit approver. Making an incorrect selection could result in delays.)
  • Department/Center/Team: Fill in your specific department, center or team information; this will aid in determining the scope for which the exception can be approved.
  • Alternate Contacts: Indicate business and/or technical contacts related to this request. (This information may be utilized by the IT Accessibility team when technical questions arise.)

Electronic and Information Resource (EIR) Information

  • EIR Name: Enter the name of the product or service; this may be a combination of a company name and a product name (Dell Latitude 5501) or a product name which may also be the name of the company (Tenon); please be as descriptive as possible
  • Version (or indicate if continuous integration or in-house development): This may be numerical identifiers (e.g., 2-4-13, 2.413, 2.4_13) or text based (e.g., Orlando)
  • Manufacturer (or department if in-house development): In the case of the previous computer model example, Dell would be the manufacturer.
  • Please describe the EIR and its capabilities for meeting your business needs.
  • Product Website: Include specific URL, or plan for deployment if in-house development.
  • EIR Type: From choices listed on the form, check all that apply, or choose Other and enter a description of the EIR type, if not already listed.
  • What is the EIR used for? From choices listed on the form, check all that apply.
  • Who is the EIR used by? From choices listed on the form, check all that apply.
  • Approximately how many people will use this EIR during the next 12 months? Using the drop-down menu, choose the numerical range of EIR users.
  • Will anyone be required to use this EIR? For example, required staff training, required to apply for admission, etc. Select Yes or No.
  • Is this EIR provided by a company or source other than the manufacturer or developer; i.e., a third-party vendor? Again, using the computer model example, a Dell Latitude 5501 may be distributed by a third-party vendor such as Summus Industries.
  • Does this involve special pricing with an expiration? Select Yes or No.
  • Is this a contract renewal with a time-sensitive renewal date? Select Yes or No.
  • Has a sole source justification been approved for procurement of this EIR? Select Yes, No, or Existing or in-house resource; no procurement involved.
    • If Yes, supporting documentation (sole source document) should be uploaded within the Supporting Documents section.
    • If No, provide other resources considered and vetted for accessibility prior to selection of your chosen EIR. (Important: This information must be entered, as it’s required by law. Failure to do so will cause delays in the approval process.)

Justification for Exception

  • Why are you requesting this exception? From choices listed, check all that apply.
    • Underlying EIR technology platform not accessible: The technology required to utilize the EIR is not accessible. Examples: Some or all accessibility criteria were not considered when developers created an application; or a given software may have been developed with accessibility in mind, however the hardware needed to utilize the application is inaccessible.
    • Adequate skilled resources unavailable: Skilled personnel to remediate the inaccessible EIR are not available. NOTE: Sometimes third-party service providers are contracted for this purpose, and this is a viable option if the budget is adequate.
    • Substantial program impact: Although inaccessible, the EIR presents a significant institutional advantage which impacts the university’s mission and/or core values.
    • Nearing end of life cycle: The EIR is nearing its end of life, or its useful purpose, so the return on investment for the cost to bring the EIR into compliance does not warrant remediation.
    • No acceptable alternatives are available: After research of comparable products, it has been determined that an accessible EIR which accomplishes the particular business need of the university is not available.
    • Other: Please enter a specific reason if not listed previously.
  • What is the service impact of utilizing this resource; i.e., why is use of this resource essential? This is an opportunity to emphasize how the EIR supports the unit and/or the university’s mission and/or core values; specifically, include information on how the EIR meets the business need of the unit.
  • Describe any plans to eventually replace, discontinue, or bring this EIR into compliance with accessibility requirements. Secure this information from the manufacturer, vendor, developer, or the owner of the EIR, if not already known. Some examples:
    • The vendor indicates that significant changes are in the works, with a timeline for completion on or before Date.
    • To improve access for this business function, we plan to replace this resource with a comparable EIR, Product-Name, next year when accessibility enhancements are completed for that particular product.
    • We will be considering alternate EIR instead of renewing this contract if the existing vendor fails to make significant accessibility enhancements during this contract year.
  • Provide any additional supporting information to justify this exception. This could be additional information from the vendor including accessibility statements provided online by the manufacturer, developer or vendor; accessibility testing results; the company roadmap to compliance, etc.
  • Supporting documents
    • Requester must attempt to secure a vendor-completed VPAT OR evidence capability of the manufacturer/vendor/developer to produce accessible EIR, and upload the resulting document(s).
    • In the absence of this information, a document outlining attempts to secure such information must be uploaded.

Alternative Means of Access

  • How will you provide an equitable experience for people with disabilities who cannot use this EIR? This should be an alternative means of access which can quickly be leveraged to provide access for someone with a disability. (e.g., working in tandem with another team member, assistance from unit personnel, contacting Human Resources for accommodation recommendations)
  • How will you notify people who use this EIR that an alternative means of access is available? List the method of communicating the availability of accommodations (e.g., providing information on a website, including accommodation information within course syllabi, listing within routinely distributed unit or program information)
  • Who will own the process for providing this alternative means of access? This should be someone within your unit who can quickly facilitate the alternative means of access previously documented; please provide all pertinent contact information.
    • The requestor identified at the beginning of this form; yourself, if you’re filling out the form.
    • Other: You will be asked to provide the name and contact information of the person who will own the process. Include a phone number and email address.

Administrative Approvals

  • The Dean/VP approver field will eventually be completed by your respective dean or vice president, so skip this area.
  • Select Submit to route your request, or Save as Draft to allow completion later.
  • If submitting the form, you will receive a copy of the information you entered via email. You will have an opportunity to send the form submission information to an additional email address if needed.

NOTE: An approved exception request is not an exemption from making EIR accessible. Instead, it is documentation of temporary acceptance of risk by Texas A&M University until the EIR or associated service can be brought into compliance through modification, substitution with a comparable accessible EIR, or discontinuation of use due to end of life (EOL).

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