Accessibility Begins With You

Texas A&M University has a longstanding tradition of providing equal access and opportunities to discover, communicate, and apply knowledge and abilities. As part of our university’s commitment to enrichment and diversity, it's essential that everyone have access to information resources developed, maintained, distributed and procured by our institution. With this in mind, accessibility should be a concern for all of us, regardless of our roles on campus.

Be an Accessibility Innovator

Each of us has a responsibility to ensure the design, development, distribution and procurement of Electronic and Information Resources at Texas A&M. Being an Accessibility Innovator enables you to go one step further by actively influencing others around you, promoting a campus culture that values the unique characteristics and capabilities of others.

As an Accessibility Innovator you should pledge to:

  • Be respectful and helpful to everyone
  • Be understanding of each individual's capabilities
  • Utilize accessibility best practices in instructional and business endeavors
  • Provide referrals to accessibility programs and services as needed
  • Actively seek assistance and accessibility training as needed

Contact the Technology Services accessibility team to see how you can help promote accessibility at your campus location.

Did you know?