Compliance Plan for Multimedia

Since time and resources oftentimes limited, it is recommended that you create a compliance plan for your unit by prioritizing multimedia resources for accessibility remediation and document progress. Following is an example of recommended priorities for our academic environment*:

  1. Requests for accommodations by students, staff and faculty as well as public requests by individuals acquiring information online or through other University channels.
  2. Multimedia needed for health, safety or welfare of students, staff and faculty.
    Examples: emergency procedure video; podcast of health expert describing immunization requirements
  3. Multimedia available on public-facing websites.
    Examples: University, college or departmental promotional videos, audio files and podcasts; research findings presented via multimedia; pre-recorded videos from campus events or web conferences
  4. Multimedia designed specifically for students, including course videos, optional and recommended resources.
    Examples: Videos, audio files and podcasts utilized in online or hybrid courses, face-to-face, or within Learning Management Systems; this includes optional multimedia reference material
  5. Required training videos, audio files or podcasts for faculty and staff.
  6. Video, audio files or podcasts within faculty and staff portals or intranets.
  7. Other types of multimedia not listed above.

*The above information is an example of a select set of University priorities. The priorities of your academic unit may vary, however, keep in mind that certain instances—such as a student requests for accommodation through Disability Resources—require timely and equitable accommodations by law. See Captioning Videos.

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