Video and Multimedia Tools

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Accessible audio and video content must have equivalent transcripts and/or captions. Descriptive text transcripts or audio descriptions should also be used for video. Often, hiring a vendor to transcribe audio and add video captions is more cost effective than doing it in-house, but there are tools available to help.

Audio Descriptions

An alternate caption track enables low-vision or blind users to experience visual cues and/or action sequences by listening to a narration of events.

Captions and Transcripts

Many applications and vendors feature both transcription and captioning services. Resources listed may provide transcription, captioning or a combination of both.

Desktop Applications

Web-based Applications


Do-it-yourself Captions and Transcripts

  • AMARA – Upload a video and easily subtitle and edit the captioning (free)
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Utilize dictation software (fee based on version)
  • YouTube Captions and Transcripts – Transcribe and caption a video through a step-by-step process; very basic machine translation that needs human editing (free)
    See the web tutorial and PDF.
  • VLC Media Player – Produce a transcription for your video using this open-source multi-media player with good editing controls (free)
  • Express Scribe Transcription – Produce transcripts using editing software (free and professional versions)

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