Our Responsibilities

With increasing reliance on technology to carry out our business and deliver information, from file creation to managing contracts, ensuring access by everyone, including individuals with disabilities, should be considered part of our jobs. See Accessibility Begins With You.

The Division of Information Technology's accessibility team is here to help by providing you resources to make your captioning efforts successful. Contact your respective unit for information about preferred captioning vendors and funding sources.

How can I start?

Starting today,

  • identify all video and multimedia resources you are utilizing;
  • work within your unit to develop a Compliance Plan for Multimedia; and
  • document your progress.

Why are captioning and multimedia best practices required?

Why is multimedia accessibility important?

The Office of Civil Rights provides a "functional definition of accessibility." According to the definition, students with disabilities must be provided the opportunity to—

  • acquire the same information;
  • engage in the same interactions; and
  • enjoy the same services as students without disabilities with “substantially equivalent ease of use.*

*United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights [OCR]. (2011). Frequently Asked Questions about the June 29, 2010 Dear Colleague Letter. Washington, DC.

Did you know?